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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

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Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Wiltshire near Melksham

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Joanna Goodfellow

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
UKCP Supervisor Directory
BACP (Snr. Accredited) Supervisor
MSc Psychotherapy


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You want to make changes in your life. You know that change is possible and within your grasp but you aren’t sure how to take the first step or how to make those change. You know that somewhere within yourself you have got the strength to deal with what’s in front of you. You just aren’t clear about how to access that strength.

Find support with:
•Creating meaningful, loving relationships with your friends, family, partner, and yourself
•Living with chronic illness and health challenges, depression and anxiety
•Transforming conflict into growth and connection
•Developing more compassion and kindness towards yourself
•Learning good communication tools
•Connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition to make meaningful choices in your life

I am a skilled and compassionate therapist with 25 years experience. As a therapist I aim to bring those I work with closer to the centre of the circle of their own lives. Like the rings within a tree, we are that inner central ring which can become damaged or misshapen by trauma and loss. I seek to discover a deeper knowing of that inner self in order to heal and recover.

I offer a depth of seeing and listening that reaches into that central ring where depression, anxiety, fear and loss are often experienced as being alone. When at times we feel troubled, what we seek and most need is a place of retreat, of quietly sharing a burdened mind and heart, our feelings and thoughts in a supportive, and inquisitive space where we can explore what isn’t working in your life or relationships, where we can work together to help you find the resolutions you need to make in order to move on.

Together we can gently begin the journey of healing, creating access to that centre within. I work with you to understand the meaning of your internal world and to develop the skills necessary to make the changes that make sense to you.

I work with adults and couples with a broad range of issues using a Gestalt orientation, bringing the present “here and now” into the therapy. Through the process of counselling or therapy, you can gain greater self-awareness and learn ways of handling life. If we imagine there is an invisible web that connects us with those we are in relationship with, so we can sense when someone is upset or when someone is happy and content.

If we exist in our world through an interactive web connecting us to ourselves and each other then in Gestalt therapy, being fully present in the therapy session, involves the therapist being open to whatever is happening and paying attention to that invisible web.

I am a graduate of Metanoia Institute in Gestalt Psychotherapy and formerly the Director of Services at The Minster Centre in London, where I managed the delivery of counselling and psychotherapy to the most disadvantaged in our society. I have worked in mental health services for over 25 years providing counselling services in both the voluntary and private sector and have worked within the private sector working with Aviva, Care First, Moving Minds, and The Priory.

Healing Pain

I will work with you to help you become clear about what matters to you and help heal painful trauma or loss. In this way you can rediscover a sense of purpose and satisfaction in your life. With couples I help them explore trust issues and rediscover communication.

I am a trained EMDR practitioner and trauma counsellor and work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other trauma issues. EMDR is particularly useful in trauma work but also has other useful applications in other areas such as dealing with phobias, grief and somatic disorders. When a traumatic event occurs, there are changes that occur in the brain. These events may be large scale such as a natural disaster or a traumatic event or events within the family.

These memories are not fully processed by the brain due to the imbalance in the nervous system and biochemical changes in the brain. The original memories, emotions, sights, sounds or smells associated with the trauma remain in their disturbing state. EMDR can help to process these memories.

Practice Rooms

I offer counselling, psychotherapy and supervision near Melksham in Wiltshire where my consulting room is peaceful, comfortable and confidential.

Therapy for therapists and counsellors

I offer support and therapy for therapists and counsellors. While in training we will often be required to be in therapy and for some this support goes on throughout their career. For others like myself, who stopped therapy after several years, and then find themselves in a place where they need more support and a safe place to explore issues, losses and change. These are times when it's important to focus on yourself to give yourself time and space to explore your own feelings and your own journey. This is what I can offer.

Online supervision

I provide supervision through Skype also. Vsee and Face Time are end to end encrypted and completely secure.

Emergency Contacts

If you are in distress you can call the Samaritans 24/7, click here: Samaritans
If you are feeling low you may be depressed, you can contact The Depression Alliance
If you experience panic try NoPanic
To find a therapist BACP Find a Therapist

Joanna Goodfellow is a Senior Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP Snr.Accred.) and is a registered practitioner on the BACP Register, accredited by The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, set up by the Department of Health (registration number 029424).

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For more information phone 07973 784 898.

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