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Online Therapy

I work online with clients in the UK. I don’t work with anyone outside of the UK as my insurance would not cover it. I work with Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

As with face-to-face work, privacy is extremely important. I work in a safe, private environment with no interruptions. I work from from practice room where I can provide a safe and secure environment. It will be important for you to also find a quiet and private space, with no interruptions for each online appointment, so that privacy and confidentiality can be maintained in the work.

If you’re accessing online therapy from home, try and find a quiet space for this and somewhere where you’re least likely to be disturbed. You may have children off school, or may live in a shared house or flat, which can make finding a quiet space tricky.
If your children are off school and you have another adult in the household such as a partner, who can look after them while you’re accessing online therapy, then it’s a good idea to make sure they’re on hand during your session and let them know you need a bit of quiet. Remember, online therapy sessions can be entirely flexible, so you can make sure you’re scheduling a time that works best for you and your circumstances

You could also consider getting outside for your sessions. If you have somewhere to go that means you’ll still have some peace and quiet, such as a garden or yard, while also following social distancing guidelines, then this may also be a good option for you. Getting out in nature (as long as you’re able to), can also help to boost your mood.

Another thing you can do to block out any background noise is to wear headphones during your sessions. Also, make sure you mute or hide any notifications that may pop up on your phone or tablet or whichever device you’re using for the online therapy, so you’re not distracted by them.
By minimising noise and distractions, you’re more likely to be able to get the most out of your sessions, and take steps towards positive mental wellbeing.

Treat online therapy like a face-to-face session.

How it works with Zoom
1. I will send you a link to the appointment.
2. Please click on the link before the appointment to make sure you can access the waiting area.
3. The program will most likely ask you to install a small Zoom interface.
4. You can configure audio and video during the call
5. At the time of your online zoom counselling session i will admit you to the call.

How it works with Skype or Face Time
You call me at the appointed time.

To book an appointment with me for an initial assessment for online work please press the email button and send me an email.

My fees for online work are exactly the same as for face to face. I take payment for each session by card at the beginning of each session.

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