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Privacy Notice

In line with European General Data Protection Regulations, and as a professional registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, I am obliged to share the following information regarding how your data is protected:

The contents of the sessions are confidential between you and myself. All my work is supervised, and I will not identify you through that process. I keep minimal data on you which includes name, contact details, date of birth, G.P name and address and any medication you may be taking. I keep short notes on each session for the purpose of continuity of the work. These will never be shared with anyone unless I am required to do so by a court of law, or asked to do so by you with your signed consent. If I /we think that there is a there is a need to communicate with other professionals, this will usually proceed with first seeking your written permission and knowledge of what is to be discussed. The exceptions to confidentiality would be if I was concerned that there may be a possibility of harm to self or another, or where I am obliged by law to break confidentiality. If this were to be the case I would always inform you.

All data is securely stored. Emails are kept electronically as are contact phone numbers and records of sessions are kept on paper. Once the work has ended with me all personal details, email and phone numbers will be deleted electronically. All electronic equipment is password protected. All paper records will be shredded after a period of 6 years, I keep the records for this long as this is within contractual law.
You have the right to be informed of the data I keep and have the right to access it. You have the right to rectify the data should you feel it to be inaccurate. You have the right to erase the data and the right to restrict the processing of the data. I will not process your data in any way. You have the right to transfer the data to another organisation or therapist and you have the right to object to the content.

You have the right to ask for your personal data to be handed back or to view. There is no fee for this. Should there be any data breach I am obliged to inform Information Commissioners Office. I will use your phone number, email or address to contact you regarding appointments and to reply to you if you make contact with me. I can if you wish email with you through Proton Mail which is end to end encrypted mail.

Names and phone numbers of current clients and supervisees are shared with my professional executor in line with good practice in the profession. This person would contact you in the event of my death or being unable to work and unable to contact you myself.

I confirm that I have read and understood the privacy policy of Joanna Goodfellow.


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